Shipping info,

GLS will be shipped on Tuesday and Friday, delivery time aprox 2-5 days

Fedex  (economy) will be shipped every day if possible, delivery time aprox 1-3 days

We don't ship small things in letters or without tracking, please keep in mind that we have to bring it to a mailbox, so it will be much more expensive than Fedex ;-)

Products which are delayed can be shipped later at buyers cost, or we hold the entire order until we have everything, or we ship your order and refund the delayed product.

Shipping prices on the website may be adjusted later on, depending on your location (island, out of zone, big items), we'll email you if the paid price on the site is not enough, we can always cancel and refund your order if you don't agree.

You'll recieve a trackingnumber as soon as we print your shipping label, please follow your trackingnumber, GLS and Fedex will try to deliver serveral times, if nobody is there to recieve the packedge and sign for it, it will be returned to us at your cost!

Payment info:

All payments must go via the website, do NOT send money direct to our account! that will be returned!

Banktransfer in Multisafepay has a different bank number than what is on the invoice, this is CORRECT!